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The long standing popularity of Chena River’s Mini book jewelry is a testament to our customer’s great love of books. While celebrating literacy and the written word, they are fun to wear and always elicit positive comments.


Over the last few years we’ve concentrated on developing our miniature marbling in a full rainbow of colors to keep the decorative papers in proper scale to the miniature books.


Our smallest (Tiny) book earrings (5/8th”h x ½”w) are book-like, but without real pages, because of their small size.


Our three larger mini book products each have 32 pages.


The tie tack/lapel pin (15/16th”h x ¾” w) and Mini book earrings (not pictured), are the same size.


The largest of our mini book items is our book pin (1 ¼” h x 1” w)


The Chena River book pin is an enduring teacher gift, filled with tiny student signatures and notes.


Current prices:
Tiny earrings (no pages) $22.00
Tie tack/lapel pin (pages) $12.00
Mini Book earring (pages) $28.00
Mini Book Pin (pages) $18.00

Chena River Marblers

Chena River Marblers