At Chena River Marblers, we are practitioners of the art of marbling. This wondrous process involves the capturing of an intricate pattern from the surface of a liquid. The marbler creates these patterns by applying and manipulating colors on the liquid’s surface until the desired pattern is established. The pattern is then caught permanently when paper or fabric is briefly laid onto the surface of the patterned liquid. Each marbled piece is one-of-a-kind as the marbler must start afresh for each new print.


We create lively, colorful marbled patterns on both silk and paper, using traditional and innovative methods. Our beautiful silks are used to make scarves, ties and bow ties and our papers are used to decorate a very wide variety of book products. Chena River Marblers’ miniature book pins, earrings and tie tacks have been customer favorites for years.


Our studio is a source of marbled papers for fellow bookbinders and paper artists. We specialize in book edge-marbling, miniature marbling, custom marbled papers and wedding silks.


In general, we use methods which have been passed down to us through Renaissance Italy by bookbinders, but we never forget that the craft has its roots in the Middle and Far East.


Originating in China and Japan, marbling traveled the silk route into Persia and Turkey and on into Europe. We are inspired by these varied marbling traditions and our work has been deeply influenced by them all. Our marbling continues to encompass much of the past, though we do not hesitate to incorporate a 21st Century twist to pattern, color and technique.

Chena River Marblers

Chena River Marblers