about1Regina and Daniel St.John are a married marbling team working together as Chena River Marblers. The name, Chena River, derived from a river located in the interior of Alaska where, for 16 years, the St.Johns worked as educators in Fairbanks and in three teacher schools in remote Aleut, Athabascan and Eskimo villages.

In 1985, after their return to New England from Alaska, their long marbling journey began with a workshop Regina took with Faith Harrison, a fine production marbler, from Easthampton, Massachusetts.

There followed Years of studying everything in print, making every possible faux pas multiple times and searching out other marblers with whom to study. Dan turned his log cabin building skills to making fine marbling tanks and combs. And, as a teacher of physics and chemistry, Dan’s fine analytical skills were used to truly understand the marbling process allowing for quick problem solving and a regular flow of spectacular papers. Dan’s inventive combs have opened the way for an explosion of extraordinary new patterns and his mastery of the traditional watercolor marbling with paints embedded with a beeswax about2paste has opened another whole range of marbling possibilities.

The St. Johns are consummate educators and have dedicated themselves to teaching marbling widely at the very highest level. They have worked tirelessly to master the skills, have read deeply into the history and science of the process and are committed to share their knowledge generously.