Fabric Marbling Workshops

Fabric Marbling Workshops1In these workshops, (2-5 days) students learn how to use a range of precise marbling tools and will be systematically taught how to make beautiful, traditional and contemporary marbled patterns.

After becoming comfortable with working on smaller fabrics, we begin using larger tanks and combs to marble scarves and larger pieces of fabric. Always, an integral part of our workshops is the discussion of the science of Marbling and why things work or do not work as they should. This information will help students solve problems and better understand the interaction between all the paints, alum, fabrics, chemicals and marbling bath that they will be using. A careful discussion of appropriate paints and their preparation as well as fabric selection, preparation and care will be ongoing throughout the class. This workshop allows for exploring over- marbling techniques (marbling an item twice) and time for those who wish to, “walk on the wild side” by marbling their own pair of sneakers.

Both experienced marblers and beginners will enjoy this workshop. Many new techniques and marbling insights will be of great interest to seasoned marblers and the clear step by step approach of this class ensures that beginners will be very successful.

Fabric Marbling Workshops Fabric Marbling Workshops3


Fabric Marbling Workshops4