Contemporary Classic Watercolor Paper Marbling

contemporary1Contemporary Classic Watercolor Paper Marbling is the long forgotten, labor-intensive process used to create exquisite, polished marbled papers as were made before the 20th century. This process involves the preparation of paints by mulling together prepared natural pigments, binder and a beeswax fixative. Additional substances are added to control spreading (Ox Gall) and to achieve specific patterns. (walnut oil, turpentine, spirits of soap and potassium hydroxide). With the beeswax paste embedded in the paint, a completed paper can be polished to a smooth, lustrous finish using an agate burnisher. In making our classic marbled papers, we add the use of some pigments that were unavailable to our predecessors, but the process, as described above, is the same.



Contemporary Classic Watercolor Paper Marbling Workshops

Workshops in this process involve one full day in learning how to make these traditional paints and 2-4 days of learning how to make stunning, old style marbled papers by use of the careful addition of the chemical additives listed above. Students are shown how to burnish their papers to a fine satin finish.