2022 Teaching Schedule

2022 Teaching Schedule

An integral part of all workshops is the discussion of the science of Marbling and why things work or do not work as they should. This information will help students solve problems and better understand the interaction between all the paints, alum, papers, fabrics, chemicals and marbling bath that they will be using. Dan and Regina St. John

North Bennet Street School , Boston, MA www.nbss.edu
Feb 12th,13th Beginning Acrylic Paper Marbling

North Carolina
John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC www.folkschool.org
April 29,30,5/1 Beginning Acrylic Marbling
May1st-6th Acrylic Marbling; The Next Step
May 8th-14th The Golden Age of Marbling (Classic Watercolor Marbling)

Snow Farm Williamsburg, MA www.snowfarm.org
June 10th-12th Beginning Acrylic Marbling; The First Step
June 10th-17th Advanced Marbling: The Next Step

Chena River Marblers Summer Workshops 6/28-8/12
Amherst, Massachusetts www.chenarivermarbler.com
email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
call (413)253-2835, (413)427-2781 to enroll

Classical Watercolor Marbling $595 All Full
June 28th-30th; July 2nd-4th;& July 8th-10th

Classical watercolor Marbling (Tiger Eye Emphasis) All Full
July 12th-14th; & July 19th-21st

June 29th,30th Beginning Marbling $295
July 2nd-4th Advanced Marbling; The Next Step $425 Full
July, 6th,7th Purposeful Over Marbling $295
July 9th,10th Beginning Marbling $295
July 12th,13th Purposeful Over Marbling $295 Full
July 15th-17th Advanced Marbling; The Next Step $425 Full
July 19th,20th Spanish and Moire ( Special Emphasis) $295 Full
July 22nd,23rd Spanish and Moire ( Special Emphasis) $295
July 26th,27th Beginning Marbling $295
July 30th,31st Simply Stone (Special Emphasis) $295 Full
August 2nd,3rd Simply Stone (Special Emphasis) $295
ACRYLIC FABRIC MARBLING 2 day fabric Marbling ($325)

  • Students provide prepared fabrics.
  • Instructions provided upon enrollment

August 6th,7th Fabric Marbling
August 11th 12th Fabric Marbling Full

August 6th,7th Beginning Coptic Bookbinding $295
August 11th,12th Beginning Coptic Bookbinding $295

Cattail Run Bookbindery Winchester, VA www.cattailrun.com
September 7th-9th Hatching and Batching
September 12th,13th Beginning Acrylic Marbling
September 14th,15th Spanish and Moire Marbling(Special Emphasis)
September 16th,17th Spanish and Moire Marbling(Special Emphasis)
September 19th,20th Bellissimo Italian Marbled Paper Patterns